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ACTUATEC Corporation

is a premier supplier of custom design hydraulic cylinders in Taiwan.  For the past few decades, Actuatec Corporation has always striven to provide the supreme quality cylinders and expert technical support to meet all of our customers' requirements, built a well reputation on quality control and on-time delivery in the field of specialized cylinders production.

ACTUATEC gained the certifications of ISO 9002 since 1995, and ISO 9001 (year 2000 version) at year 2000 by DNV. We implement our quality policy of 100-percent testing for all products we made. Our products have been adopted by main steel plants and construction consulting companies in Taiwan for several years.

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Thorough Hydraulic Solutions

With our constant efforts in implementing the R&D development and strict product quality control, Actuatec is fully capable of developing various kinds of cylinders applied in industrial markets:

Heavy-duty mill type hydraulic cylinders, ISO 3320 ISO 6022 ISO 6020, JOHS 110 JIS B 8354, for steel making plants.

Corrosion-Resistant ceramic cylinders. (QPQ procedure)

Telescopic cylinders including synchronized type.

Large size servo cylinders, e.g., AGC servo cylinder (Automatic Gauge Control)

Hydraulic Jacks for construction equipments

Hydraulic cylinders for special vehicles, e.g., special cranes, excavator, hoist, tripper truck, etc.

Hydraulic cylinders for infrastructure application: offshore, drilling platform, railway system, tunnel boring machine, incremental launching method, etc.

Cylinders for elevator and parking lot.

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